Please follow the washing instructions on each product.


Lightly soiled

Wipe with a damp cloth.
Use clothespin roll.
Tough soiling
Some skins can be machine washed 30 degrees on wool program or dry cleaning.
Use a mild detergent. Please follow the washing instructions on the respective skins.
Never use bleach
Stretch and rub the skin in the wet state to maintain its shape.
Dry the skin flat or suspended at room temperature.
The skin must never be ironed.
Direct sunshine can cause color changes in the wool.
Avoid placing skins with dark backs on light furniture or
substrates as this may cause discoloration.


Weather the skin.
It is important to vacuum in the same direction as hair direction.
Stains can be removed with a damp cloth (always in the hair direction).
Be aware that the hair does not become completely wet.
If necessary, a wool shampoo can be used.
Carpet /textile wash on spray bottle can also be used.
Do not expose the skin to extreme heat or direct sunlight.

We do guarantee that all our manufacturers are
not using any form of Mulesing.