Our story begins over a century ago.
Geron Wilhelmsson was born on a farm in 1896 and looked to his surroundings for his livelihood. The Falbygden area had more cattle per square meter than anywhere else in Sweden. With the excellent supply of cowhide and wild animal skins, Geron soon realised how he couldmake a living.
In 1922 Geron opened his first business in Falköping. News of his fine products soon spread through out the countryside. Business expanded as demand grew. Talented craftsmen were employed in production.
In 1934 Geron expanded the business to include shops in Gothenburg and Nora. Imports and exports also developed.
The third generation runs the company today with retailers all over the World. The passion for the material and the craftmanship is the 
same now as it was then.

Sheepskins, Goatskins and cowhides are natural materials that people have been using for thousands of years.
They have an almost infinite number of uses. Home furnishing, for babies and children, handicrafts and in many parts of the world, they are alos used as protection against the cold.
We are delighted to say that the popularity of these materials simply continues to grow.

We constantly work with our suppliers to have the least possible impact on our nature. Both through tanning, dyeing process, transport and working environment.